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ACV Update 9-27-2021

Good afternoon,

I am calling today to provide the community with a few updates.

First, the COVID update for this past week is as follows. Currently, the district has three positive Covid cases and 14 people quarantined.

Second, due to the masking mandate, increased COVID cases in Clarion County the district plans to postpone the open house that was planned for Wednesday. We are optimistic that we can reschedule the open house for a time later in the school year.

Finally, this past week I have been asked many questions about the masking mandate and I would also like to clarify our timeline for implementation. As you are aware, there are folks who are in favor of masking and others who are not. Keep in mind that the Pennsylvania Department of Health issued the mask mandate, and we are doing our best to follow the mandate, but also adhere to parent request for opt out. Presently, we are in full compliance with district staff and almost all of our students are wearing masks at this time.

The district is working with families who have filed for exemptions for children to be evaluated through the IEP or 504 process. These parents have been contacted and given the opportunity to present information or evidence they have to support the initiation of a 504. Some students have been provided with exemptions and others are still in the process.

As of Tuesday, September 28, parents that have not followed through on the process to secure an exemption through the 504 process must be aware that a mask will be required for entry into our buildings upon morning arrival. At that time, any student without a mask will be sent to the principal’s office, and parents will be called to pick up their child.

This is a difficult situation for everyone involved and want our parents to know that if you are planning to pull your child from our district over the masking mandate, the district officials will support you in this transition. We also want these parents to know that A-CV runs our own virtual cyber service program. Julie Raybuck is the coordinator and can be reached at the Jr/Sr HS at 724-659-4661. If you have other questions feel free to contact the principals or the district office for further information.

Dr. David McDeavitt