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ACV Update 9-8-2021

Good afternoon, 

I am sending this message today to inform the district that we will be back into face-to-face instruction on starting on Thursday (09-09-2021) for the entire district, except for the grade 5/6 community area.  The 5/6 grade community will finish the week on the virtual learning platform and be back in the district on Monday (09-13-2021). 

We talked with the PA Department of Health (PADOH) and they are not recommending additional closures at this time.  This means that the extracurricular programs will start back up, CCCC students will go to the CCCC, and weekend activities can resume as normal on Thursday. 

Now, for the return back into face-to-face instruction, the district will be abiding by the PADOH masking order, and we will also be accepting Doctor Notes if your child has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask.  The medical exemption form can be found at or in the Elementary and Jr/Sr HS offices.

We are also cognizant of the fact that some of our parents are not in favor of the masking mandate, just know that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are coming back early from its summer recess to challenge the Wolf administration’s new school mask mandate.  The move by the Republican-controlled lower chamber is the latest legislative challenge to Gov. Tom Wolf’s health orders. The lower chamber scheduled four new session days for next week and the week after, according to House Republican spokesperson (retrieved from 

If you are not in support of the masking mandate, I ask that you contact the Governor’s office (, the Department of Health (, and get out and vote during the next primaries ( so that you can assure that your voice is being heard.  Changes to the order can be made when you contact the legislators and have your voice hear – the contact links are imbedded in this message.

Please know that not all school board members, administrators, or staff agree with the new masking order; but some do, and it is our obligation to adhere to the order at this time.  This order will help to at least reduce the number of people who could be quarantined when exposed when both parties are wearing a mask.  I added an easy to follow infographic to this message for you to view, be sure to access the A-CV Update dated 9-8-2021 to view it this information, and information about closures due to COVID cases.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone who received his or her first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on August 19, 2021 that the second dose will be available at the Jr/Sr HS cafeteria on Thursday, September 9 from 3-6 pm and that the transcripts form this message can be found on the website.

Dr. David McDeavitt


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Outbreak containment

Outbreak Containment