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A-CV Update 8-27-2021

Today’s phone call was created to provide our school community with an update about the first week of school.  It seems like both the students and staff are happy to be back in school without having to wear a face-covering while on campus.  Keep in mind that the face coverings are still required on all busses and vans according to Section 361 of the public health service act and code 42 of the federal regulations (  If you would like to read more about this mandate, go to and click in this week’s update.

Dr. Jordan and Mrs. Sherman asked me to remind our community that the doors open up at 7:30 AM, we cannot accept students until this time.  In addition, all parents and students who are dropping off and picking up students at the Jr/Sr HS are to do so from the student parking lot area located adjacent to the cafeteria.  Due to busses unloading and loading the area in front of the school, the track parking lot is not permitted to be used for student drop off or pick-up.

In closing, I also wanted to let you know that we have three additional members of our school community who tested positive for COVID.  The good news is that through contact tracing and self-monitoring symptoms, everyone stayed home, were tested, and was not on campus this week.  This means that there was no additional spread on campus. 

Remember to be safe, and stay home when you are sick or have had contact with a COVID positive person.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. David McDeavitt