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ACVSD Remake Learning Days - May 6-10

What is Remake Learning Day?

Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA) is a celebration of innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity. Remake Learning Days is a festival of events hosted by a variety of organizations, such as schools, museums, libraries, after school organizations, early child care centers, universities, media centers, tech startups and more.  These events are designed to be hands-on, relevant and engaging educational experiences for youth of all ages (pre-K through high school) and their families, caregivers and educators.   The majority of events are free and open to kids of all ages.

RLDAA is presented by Remake Learning with national partnerships with PBS Kids for Parents and Digital Promise, along with many partners and host organizations in fourteen regions across the nation.


What innovative experience is our district offering?

Join us and take part in a scavenger hunt where we will embark on a journey of learning.  There will be opportunities to document your journey completing specific tasks that engage learners of ALL ages.  Activities will be based in Science, Technology, Engineering, Writing, Art, Math, and more.  

This event will be for all ages, everywhere.  We will be using the Goosechase App to embark on a wild scavenger hunt of learning.  Participants will earn points for completing tasks and documenting their completion via the Goosechase App.  These tasks will be themed around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math while also learning about the Southern Tier of the Oil Region.  Prizes will be awarded based on tasks completed and points earned.  Get ready to grab a parent and document your journey of learning.

How can I participate?

1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.

2. Choose to play as a guest, or register for a personal account with a username & password of your choice.

3. Search for and select the Falcon Foragers of Learning game, or search by game code 5D3947. The password to play is falcon.

4. Follow the prompts to select or create their team.