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ACV Update 2-9-2021

Good afternoon,

I am calling today to provide a few updates. The first item is associated with COVID cases on campus. As it stands, we have one staff member at the Jr/Sr HS who is off campus due to an exposure to a positive COVID case, and one student at the Elementary school who has tested positive for COVID. After our school nurses concluded the contact tracing, it was apparent that the COVID exposures did not happen on campus. Face-to-face instruction will continue as previously planned.

The second update is a change to how we handling snow days for the remainder of this school year. As we navigate through the rest of this winter, the district will be closed on all snow days. This means that there will be no online distance learning and the missed snow day will be made-up in a face-to-face learning environment at a later date.

If you have questions about these updates, please contact me at 724-659-5820.

Please be safe!

Dr. David McDeavitt