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ACV Update 12-23-2020

Good afternoon,
I am calling this morning to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season, and to provide you with a few important updates.
On Monday, December 21st, 2020 the A-C Valley school board voted to return to face-to-face instruction on Monday, January 11, 2021 with all our students. This means that we will return to the current distance learning model for the week of January 4th and face-to-face instruction will begin the following Monday, January 11th, 2021. In addition, on January 4th we will also reopen the IU6 classrooms, transport the CCCC students to their shops, and restart the extracurricular programs.
We understand that this transition has been difficult for many students and in an effort to offer additional support, our plan is to use the week of January 11th for review, remediation, and offer a reentrance program that supports all student’s needs.
Dr. DiTullio wanted to let the Junior High Boys basketball players know that they are going to practice on Jan. 4th. All boys in grades seven, eight, and nine wanting to play Junior High Basketball should complete the medical forms under the Athletics Tab on the website. All medical forms must be completed before participating.
As I finish today, I would like to remind our community that this return plan could be altered due to COVID related issues. We ask that you be ready for students to be back on January 11th, but have a back-up plan just in case things change.
Please be safe and know that the staff from A-C Valley is wishing all of you a Happy Holiday Season.
Dr. David McDeavitt