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Distance Learning Program Announcement

Good evening,

This call provides our student body and community members with a very important update about the distance-education program at A-CV.   This program has been met with challenges and successes, but due to a much lower percentage of participants, the school board voted on Monday, September 21, 2020, to place a moratorium on this program.  The end date for the current distance-learning program will be on Friday, October 2, 2020.

The principals will contact all the families participating in this program and support their return to face-to-face instruction or transition into the A-CV cyber education program. 

Moving forward, the district will ensure that the distance-learning program will be ready if a county or statewide school closure negatively impacts our school district.  If our school district had to close, the entire student body would transition into this program.  If the county experienced an increase in COVID cases and was forced to reduce the number of students in the district and force us into a hybrid plan, which includes the blue and white groups, this program will educate students when learning from home.

In closing, the A-C Valley school district thanks you for your ongoing support of our educational programming and encourages parents to call the principals with questions when they arise.

Please be safe and Go, Falcons!

Dr. David McDeavitt