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ACV Update 7-22-2020

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the A-C Valley School District, we hope that this message finds you in good health.  The district is sending today’s message to the families of students and to the staff of A-C Valley in the hopes of providing clarification and updates about the planning for return to school in the fall.

As you are aware, guidelines and recommendations from the Department of Health and the state of Pennsylvania are changing rapidly.  These changes have enabled the school board and leadership team to reevaluate the educational program that we are planning for the fall.  This decision is based largely on the feedback from the survey you recently completed, and a productive discussion at the July school board meeting. 

Today, I am letting you know that we have made a drastic change in the delivery of our education program.  A-C Valley is now going to offer our community options and the opportunity to send your children to school for traditional face-to-face instruction or for you to keep your child at home in a distance learning format.  If you chose to keep your child at home (distance learning) we will provide you with all the learning materials needed to be successful such as packets of learning materials and/or a Chromebook.  

This new and exciting learning opportunity will keep your child at A-C Valley and they will remain a “Falcon.”  The school board and leadership team wants you to know that this program will be engaging and rigorous.  We ask that you stay at A-C Valley and not choose an outside cyber school.  We understand that these programs are active in recruiting through social media and television ads, but for over a decade, we have seen these programs fail to provide an adequate education to students.

The district plans to mail to your home a form that you are asked to complete and return (enclosed envelope) letting us know if you are choosing face-to-face instruction or if you chose to have your child participate in distance learning in the fall.  Please keep in mind that we will support your decision and will provide you with the option to change between the two after the completion of a 9-week period.

If neither of these two options are appealing to you, we do offer our own fully on-line A-C Valley Cyber Service Program.

Mr. McDeavitt recommends: 

(1) Face-to-face 

(2) Education in the home/ Distance Learning (Chromebook and/or packets of information)

 (3) A-C Valley Cyber Program 

If you have any questions about these options, please call me early next week for clarification at 724-659-5820. 

Have a great day!

David McDeavitt, Superintendent