• ​Athletic Director:  Dr. Scott DiTullio

    Athletic Trainer:   Mr. Kevin Kaufman

    Required Athletic Forms

    The following forms are required for MEDICAL clearance to participate in athletics at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School.
    Only ONE copy of each form is required per PIAA school year (June 1 – May 31).


    -Sections 1-6 are always required.
    -Section 7 is required for every subsequent sport participating in during the school year.
         -ex: Student participates in a Football and would need Section 7 to participate in Basketball and again another Section 7 for Baseball.
    -Section 8 is required for a subsequent sport following injury (or a change in medical history) in the previous sport.
         -ex: Student is injured in Volleyball and would need section 7 & 8 to participate in Basketball if student was treated by a MD or DO. Student would not need Section 8 to participate in spring sports following a healthy Basketball season.
    -Section 9 is required if participating in Wrestling.
    -Section 10 / COVID-19 Waiver and Release is required for all students.

    ACV Concussion Forms
                -One copy required per student, per PIAA school year.

    ACV Consent to Treat Forms
                -One copy required per student, per PIAA school year.

    Helmet Release Forms
                -Required only for those students participating in Junior High or Varsity Football.

    ImPACT Test
                -Required to be completed every two (2) years unless a head injury is sustained.

     Student-Athletes who attend ACV but are participating in sports not sponsored by ACV, i.e. Swimming & Diving, Soccer, Wrestling, etc., the above forms are required to be completed and returned to the Athletic Trainer.