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    Welcome to the Allegheny Clarion Valley School District Food Service page! Below you'll find our current menus, meal pricing, and some frequently asked questions. 

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call me.
    Stacey Redding
    Director of Food Services & Child Nutrition
    Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District
    776 State Route 58, P.O. Box 100
    Foxburg, PA. 16036
    Phone: (724)-659-5820 Ext: 2144
    Email: stacey.redding@acvsd.org


    Please note: All adults are welcome to join us for meals but please be aware there is a $10.00 charge limit. If your account reaches -$10.00, you will need to deposit funds before you can purchase any further items from the cafeteria. Thank you.


    A-C Valley cafeteria has started its Administrative Review process that is done by PDE once every 5 years. The process began in September 2023 and will conclude in December 2023.

    Wellness Policy Three Year Assessment


    Dear SchoolCafé / Family Hub Users,

    To enhance the security of payments and reduce the potential for credit card theft, starting on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, we will be enabling ZIP code verification through our payment processor. We do not expect an impact for most of our users. All cards that users have added to their account currently require an associated address (and ZIP code). However, as a proactive measure, we are requesting that cardholders take the time to verify the ZIP code associated with the credit card(s) on file.

    If the ZIP code associated with the card(s) is incorrect, automatic payments will fail on attempted payments. As a rule, when an automatic payment fails, we will disable that autopay until a correction is made. This correction can be completed by simply updating the ZIP code on the card in SchoolCafé / Family Hub, and the cardholder will be able to re-enable autopay. On-demand payments would also return a failure of processing. If this happens, please review to ensure the cardholder's associated ZIP code is up to date.

    The SchoolCafé / Family Hub Customer Care Team will be sending this message to all SchoolCafé / Family Hub users starting on November 6, 2023, and continuing every week until we implement ZIP code verification on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the current school lunch prices?

  • What are the regulations for selling a la carte under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act?