• The Allegheny-Clarion Valley SD is seeking feedback from its communities regarding the formation of a cooperative agreement in boy’s and girl’s basketball programs.  PIAA states that all cooperative agreements can be considered based on two main criteria.  These criteria include 1) Opportunities for greater participation in athletics 2) Combine school programs to continue to provide opportunities for student participation.  

    The first criteria comes into play when a district has not offered a program but has athletes that want to participate in the sport.  The second criteria comes into play when a district offers a program but due to declining enrollment or other factors, cannot sustain the program.  They would then seek a cooperative agreement with another district to keep the program as an option for students.

    Please follow the link provided here to offer your comments or to pose questions you may have regarding the possible cooperative agreement between Union and A-C Valley for boys and girls basketball.

    Commentary Survey Link

    All questions and comments will be monitored for strict adherence to online decency standards.  Any comments that do not meet district guidelines for online behavior will be deleted.  Questions and comments will be limited to 3 submissions.

    To view current commentary and responses, please follow the link below:

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