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Dear Parents:

I am happy to announce the introduction of some additional electronic resources that can be accessed any time from any device.   In this letter I am going to discuss:

  1. How to access the ebooks
  2. How to check out an ebook
  3. Features of an ebook
  4. Access from a tablet or Kindle fire

Accessing ebooks

  1. Go to Allegheny-Clarion Valley’s website:  http://www.acvsd.org/acvsd/

2.  Click on the elementary tab.

3.  In the drop down menu choose Elementary library.

4.  You are now on the Elementary library home page. On the bottom of the homepage there are two links:

       a.  EBooks Instructions
       b.  Direct Link to EBooks

       Click on the Direct Link to EBooks

5.  The ebook page contains a link to another website called the Follett Shelf which looks like this:



  1. The address for this website is https://wbb37297.follettshelf.com/shelf/servlet/presentshelfform.do?site=37297  .  You will need this address to access our ebook shelf from a tablet or to sync with another device and read in offline mode.
  2. On this website are pictures of book covers. You could look through the shelf to make your selections but we have purchased currently over 180 ebooks with more on the way. To more quickly find a book in which you may be interested, you could also use the search bar at the top of the page or you may search using the limiters at the side of the page, i.e. author, subject, genre, etc., to help limit your search to items in which you are interested.
  3. Each picture of the book cover has an i in the right hand corner. This i stands for information and may be clicked on for a summary or number of pages, etc. You will also have the opportunity to check out the book from this screen. See checkout instructions below.
  4. You may return to the main FollettShelf screen at any time by clicking on the FollettShelf icon in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage.
  5. For more general information on the FollettShelf follow this link: http://www.aboutfollettebooks.com/shelf-features.cfm  and click on FollettShelf overview.  


Checking out a book

  1. Once you have chosen an ebook to use you must check it out of the “library”. At the top right-hand corner of the page you will note a login button. Click on this button.  
  2. A screen will appear and ask you for your login. The login is in this format: firstname.lastname for the username and the student ID or lunchcard number for the password. No capital letters! No spaces before or after the dot between the first and last name!
  3. When you login, you will see a few new icons at the top of the ebook screen. One will be a bookbag and the other is called digital resources.
  4.  To check out a book, click on the title on which you are interested and open it. Once you preview the title and wish to check it out, click on the bookbag. A pop up screen will ask you if you wish to check out the book. If you choose this option, the book will remain in your bookbag for 5 days. After 5 days you must either recheck it out or it will automatically become available for the next user. You can also check out the book by clicking the i in the corner of the cover. A checkout option will be visible here.
  5. Some of the books that are offered here look like the one below with an infinity symbol in the upper left-hand corner. That means that an unlimited number of students may use these books at one time. Ebooks without this symbol may only be used by one student at a time.
  6. Beside the bookbag is a chain denoting digital resources. We have bought some interactive titles. These ebooks have interactive page turns and other activities associated with each title. These books may be accessed by multiple students at once and do not require a separate login.

Using and Ebook

  1. The picture above is an example of what an ebook looks like. The page view tools at the bottom of the page allow you to shrink or magnify the page or view 1 or 2 pages at a time.
  2. The page advance button allows you to turn the page and keeps track of what page you are on.
  3. For all of the other features of this page please access the FollettShelf video Follett Digital Reader Overview at this link: http://www.aboutfollettebooks.com/shelf-features.cfm

Access from and IPad, Android Device, or Kindle Fire

For instructions for these devices view the video at http://www.aboutfollettebooks.com/shelf-features.cfm   and access Follett digital reader iOS/Android video.  

I hope all of you enjoy these new resources.

Stefanie Best
Elementary Librarian

A-C Valley School District   ♦  776 State Route 58  ♦  PO Box 100  ♦  Foxburg, PA 16036  ♦  (724) 659-5820   ♦  FAX (724) 659-4774

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